About 750 years ago in the period of Kamakura, the Japanese sword smith industry had started to develop.

It refined the ennoblement of the technology for chosen ores, the producing of steel, the curing processes, the heat treatment, as well as the final polishing of high quality steel.

Furthermore it took absolute accuracy on the sophistication of the blades, which turned the completed works itself into a design and stage of development, the quality of which had never been attained before.

To ensure producing shears from such a high standard, we apply advanced technology which is tied to the traditional Japanese sword smith industry.

YAKUSHI, bound to the Japanese quality blacksmithing tradition.


Japanese steel does not automatically ensure good steel. In order to be at an optimum level, it needs to undergo a definitive process. The right composition of the single components such as carbon and vanadium


Convex hollow ground and semi-convex ground

Yakushi shears get their sharpness from convex hollow ground or semi-convex ground blades. Whereas only the best Japanese steel can be convex ground, a semi-convex ground, which uses a bigger grinding edge, is used for all other shears.


If the tension setting of your scissors is set too loose, the blades can’t close completely. Consequently the hair is squeezed and the durability suffers. If the tension setting is too strong on the other hand, the blades are unnecessarily stressed.



One of the most important criteria for choosing the right scissors is an ergonomic handle suiting your personal needs. Cutting in the right body position has proved to be preventive for joints and musculature, as well as protecting from inflammation and tension of the muscles.


Therefore Yakushi shears are constructed with various handles (straight, straight-ergo, semi-offset, offset).




Yakushi Shears are sophisticated working tools which need to be maintained and cleaned continuously to preserve the high quality standard.

Sharpening Service


Your scissors should only be sharpened or re-conditioned by an authorized Yakushi Service. Yakushi Services will always use the original, high precision and handmade grinding-method to re-condition your scissors. Furthermore, your scissors will be polished and readjusted just perfectly. Re-sharpening expands the durability of your scissors substantially and consequently keeps you happy with your scissors in the long run.